car showing banned plate example, with list of other banned plates to the side 18 Number Plates that have been Banned!
2nd March 2018
Recently the 18 plate registrations were released and with them hundreds of formats were banned due to being [...]
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top down view of a red and blue car side-by-side Private Registration Plate Record Sales!
22nd February 2018
The recent rise in number plate popularity has given way to record numbers of personalised registration sales Between [...]
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Outside the DVLA offices, showing 'welcome' sign Football Themed License Plates for the World Cup
31st January 2018
Football is a huge part of many peoples lives Fans can spend hundreds or even thousands every year on merchandise Today [...]
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raindrops on window | looking out to road lights at night Dirt and Grime, Causing Fines.
10th January 2018
Drivers: beware the winter weather We all know cold weather driving can be dangerous, but with all that rain, ice [...]
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road in heavy snow conditions Stay Safe on Icy Roads this Winter.
20th December 2017
Around this time of year, a lot of us find ourselves hoping for a ‘white Christmas’, but with the snow comes the [...]
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