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Stay Safe on Icy Roads this Winter.


Around this time of year, a lot of us find ourselves hoping for a ‘white Christmas’, but with the snow comes the ice. We are all expected to know the safety rules for winter driving, but it can easily slip your mind. So, stay safe whilst travelling on your visits this winter by having a quick read of these recommendations.

road with snowy conditions

-First and foremost, ask yourself whether the journey requires a vehicle, or could you get wrapped up and take a stroll.

-The icy weather can cause traffic congestions, many vehicles even get stuck in the snow. Bare in mind you may be queueing a while, you might even have to walk home. Keep a blanket or some extra clothing in the boot so you’re ready for the worst.

-It’s also a great idea to map out your route and let anybody that’s expecting you aware of it and when to expect your arrival.

-Before you set off ensure your windows and mirrors are completely demystified.

-Keep your mobile phone charged in-case of an emergency. It would also be a good idea to store some snacks and water with you.

-Just like in wet conditions, cold weather causes braking distances to increase – exponentially on ice! In-fact on icy roads drivers are recommended to leave up to 10x the distance of normal gaps.

-The cold conditions will cause a loss of grip on the tyres even above zero, so even if no ice is visible be sure to take care.

-If your vehicle begins to slide, try not to panic and gently steer into it – do not brake hard or let go of the wheel. For example, if the back end of your car begins sliding toward the left, steer to the left.

-Black ice seems to be the bane of every driver in winter. It is very hard to spot but may appear as a shaded stretch along the road, possibly with a glossy sheen or as if a patch in the road is ‘wet’.

-Be wary of lower temperature areas such as in tunnels and flyovers.

-If you find yourself driving over black ice, try to maintain your speed and keep your steering straight. Avoid using the brakes but if you need to slow your car it’s best to utilise your gears -though any sudden changes in the vehicles movement could easily cause it to begin sliding.

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icy road covered in fog

From everybody at New Reg we hope you stay safe this Christmas and enjoy every second of your holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!