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Private Registration Plate Record Sales!


The recent rise in number plate popularity has given way to record numbers of personalised registration sales. Between the years 2016-2017, personalised plates accumulated £110 million for the treasury alone, a new record.

Most people like to stand out or at least have their own unique look, and a private reg will do just that. Bought as gifts, rewards, to hide a car’s age or simply to add some style plates can be bought in various places such as online or at auction, but none are quite as cheap as New Reg.
Since number plates went on sale in 1989 there have been around 5 million plates that have changed hands.

Edmund King, president of the AA, is one of those who purchased a £250 plate for his car. He said: “People seem to be holding on to cars for longer and by having a personalised plate the car doesn’t age as much as it may otherwise. There is a bit of an auto-vanity about trying to hide the age of your car.”

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