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Dirt and Grime, Causing Fines.


Drivers: beware the winter weather.

We all know cold weather driving can be dangerous, but with all that rain, ice and gritting on the roads it can also be a danger to your savings. Our vehicles naturally get a build up of dirt but during the winter it can increase substantially. Whilst driving our wheels throw all the dirty water and grit up from the road’s surface into the air, which usually splashes across the back of our vehicle.

White car with splashes of dirty

The DVLA have strict rules outlining what can and cannot be done to number plates, and registrations being easily distinguishable is a must. This is why number plate backgrounds must be clear and registration spacing correct.

Failure to ensure your number plate is clearly visable can result in a £1000 fine!

Plus, as if that wasn’t enough it can even cause you to fail your MOT.

The DVLA have explained “There is a specific offence under the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 of obscuring or allowing a registration mark to be not easily distinguishable.”

“All registration numbers must be displayed clearly and correctly on the number plate – this helps the police, enforcement agencies and members of the public to correctly identify a vehicle to assist road safety and traffic enforcement.”

If you’re looking for more information on number plates and the rules and regulations they must abide by then you can see more at New Reg’s DVLA number plates page.