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18 Number Plates that have been Banned!


car showing banned plate example, with list of other banned plates to the side

Recently the 18 plate registrations were released and with them hundreds of formats were banned due to being potentially offensive. Over the years many combinations have been banned, here are a few:

Combinations consisting of 4 letters:

*B** UMS, *G** ODS and *R** APE

Combinations consisting of 5 letters:
AB** USE, AN** GER and BO** SOM

Combinations from 2004:
A**4 RSE, BO04 ZZY and BL04 JOB

Combinations from 2011:
BO11 OC*, DR11 GG* and PO11 CE*

Prior to releases (twice a year) the DVLA meet to decide which registrations will be banned due to spelling out rude and crude combinations. Among those banned this year are ‘BO18 CKS’ and ‘PU18 BES’.

number plate on the back of a car that spells BRABUS

You may be able to out-smart the DVLA and create your own crude but once it’s spotted it could still be taken from you. One buyer last June managed to buy the plate ‘JH11 HAD’, though it was later removed from the roads once the DVLA got wind of it.

As well as inappropriate words the DVAL pick any plate from the new selection that could potentially sell for a fortune at registration auctions.

The 18 number plates will be being issued between March 1st to the end of August, showing the year they were registered. you can search out yours on New Reg homepage, where we have a section dedicated to the 18 plates.